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Jeremiah 18:2-4
 "The Potter wants to make you over again"  
PO Box 290878
Tampa, FL. 33687

Phone: (813) 699-9593​

 Welcome to Sisters Made of Clay, Inc.  We believe that each gathering is strategically designed for the intent & purpose of having a Potter's Wheel Experience! Mentorship sessions are facilitated on a monthly basis by the Board Members of Sisters Made of Clay.

OUR MISSION: "Strengthening, Compelling and Encouraging the misguided to return to the body of Christ EMPOWERED and READY to help usher the houses of God into Kingdom Dimension!"                        
    (Jeremiah 18:2-4    Acts 20/20) 

Monthly Gatherings: 
Each Third Saturday 
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Proverbs 9

"The Potter Wants to Make You Over Again"